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Robert De Niro Is Here To Stay, So Get Used To It!

Recently I read a Buzz Feed article talking about Robert De Niro. I wanted to read this article because I am a huge fan of his and I think he’s amazing so I thought it was going to be a article talking about his great career, and praise him for his amazing work ethic, but man was I wrong. This article completely trashed Robert De Niro and I was furious. This guy was complaining how Robert has been tainting his legacy with his recent “goofy” movies and he should stop acting all together. WHAT?! I needed to talk about this and let everyone know how great of an actor he is by keeping his career alive.


Even though I did not agree with the Buzz Feed article I’m happy I read it, because lately I’ve been hearing from other people and different articles that Robert De Niro should stop acting, so now I want to put all of those negative thoughts about him to rest. I have been a huge fan of Robert De Niro my whole life. My dad and I are huge movie lovers and when I was around 10 years old my dad showed me the movie The Bronx Tale, and from then on, I have had such respect for him. He has had a great career with movies such as, Goodfellas, Godfather Part 2, Raging Bull, etc. He is a true hollywood legend. In recent years he has slowed down and hasn’t been in such serious crime movies, but in fun comedies or serious dramas. He is 72 years old and is still going strong, but apparently that isn’t good enough for some people. People are complaining saying how he is ruining his legacy with his stupid movies and how he should just retire. This man makes more movies a year at 72 years old than a 28 year old actor does. We shouldn’t be telling him to stop because he’s older, we should be on our hands and knees kissing his feet thanking him for his hard work and dedication to entertain us!

This man is the definition of a hollywood legend. Yes, it would be nice to see him in another mob movie where he and Joe Pesci take people out for calling Joe a shoe shiner, (watch Goodfellas and you’ll understand). I’ll agree that it is weird to see him star in a movie with Zac Efron called Dirty Grandpa, but that’s what he does. He’s an actor, he works his butt off to entertain us and keep his legend alive. Robert De Niro is one of the greatest actors of all time, we should be praising this man and be grateful we get to experience such a great talent. I hope Robert De Niro never slows down and continues being the OG he is.


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