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Roses are Red & Violets are Blue

It’s February! We all know what that means, Valentine’s day is coming up.  While writing this blog I am currently looking outside my dorm and seeing snow fall.   It looks like a winter wonderland outside right now.  How romantic especially for those who have that special someone to celebrate Valentine’s day with.

Valentine’s day is celebrated all over the world.  A day to take your special someone out to show them how much they mean to you.  Stuck on what to do?  Here are a few ideas:

I mean it is FEBRUARY, and with the amount of snow we’ve been getting, go ice skating downtown.  Ice skating while the snow is falling is one of the most beautiful sights one can ever experience.  It will definitely be a night to remember.

You can also take your date out to dinner and reenact your first date.  Let them know how special that night was to you.

Nothing can go wrong with surprising your date with flowers and chocolate.

Even if you are single there is so much to do on Valentine’s day.  After all, Valentine’s day is not just about taking a special someone out, it is also about being with the ones you love.

Go out with family and treat your parents to dinner.  Let them know how much you mean to them.

Meet up with your friends that are single and do something together.  After all, they mean a lot to you too.

I hope you have a great Valentine’s day! <3 🙂


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