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Prince Royce - the "Prince" of bachata

Prince Royce – the “Prince” of bachata

Prince Royce who is a singer and songwriter of Dominican descent has been in the Latin Music scene for a few years now. He’s been in the “bachata game” since 2010 and has made it to the Billboard for his old but good classic hits such as “Stand by Me” and “Corazón sin cara”. His music has been a mix between the bachata (“genre of music and a type of Latin dance” as you all can recall from my last post about that other handsome Dominican bachata singer Romeo Santos).

His first two albums that had the music fusion of Latin music bachata and pop-sounding soft R&B instrumentals accompanying his Spanglish singing set the tone for the type of music that he provides to his fans. Similar to Romeo Santos, Prince Royce has made very danceable hits that are often played in clubs that play “Spanish music”. Though he sings in Spanglish for some hit songs most of his albums are recognized as Spanish language albums.

His current projects within the last two years were fulfilling the task of a judge on “La Voz Kids” which is the Spanish-version of The Voice…but for kids on the television network Telemundo, in addition to releasing new songs of his own.

Prince Royce is a judge on singing competition television show "La Voz Kids"

Prince Royce is a judge on singing competition television show “La Voz Kids”

In most recent news, Prince Royce JUST released the music video to his new song featuring rapper Snoop Dogg. This collaboration does not surprise me seeing as how he sings often times with an R&B flow. This song is a bit different because it has more of him singing in English which is something that his day-1 fans probably were not expecting from him. The song seems like that type of really chill-cool vibe to just listen to while driving, not necessarily while dancing in the club.His voice in this song is a bit addictive because it sounds like something we expect to hear from old-school R&B male artists or singing groups. The video and vibe from the video is something I would expect from Justin Bieber but nonetheless it is a catchy song. Be sure to check it out and his other old-but-good classics!


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