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SōK Comes out With Poetic and Instrumental Power

Chicago alternative band, SŌK, have released their first self titled EP for streaming. Although this release was under the radar, SŌK introduces their talents with dignity and poetic strength. The EP has three tracks titled “Pulp,” “Every Shade of Blue,” and “Midnight Muse.”

What SŌK brings to the table is not something out of the ordinary but also not a bland replica of hundreds of other alternative projects. Regardless of their influences or where their originality comes from, where they really shine is how they demonstrate their sound.

Each track shows its own transparency under the celebrating instrumentals, with guitar strings and drums swaying and grouping around the vocalist’s vulnerable poetry. In the track “Pulp,” the vocalist sings with emotional depth, being taken in by her own powerful wordplay. A song about love consuming the sanity of the vocalist is beautifully sung as the strings and drums amplify in volume when her vocals do.

“Midnight Muse” paints a vivid image of a nocturnal love with careful eloquence. Lines such as “We were spewing poems, hands tracing silhouettes. Chewing on Thoreau at three am, I can’t forget. You painted all the curves between my structured bones” are metaphors that cater to both the song’s narrative and the chambers of the heart.

Along with the poetry is the supporting collage that is guided by the vocalist’s cadences. When she croons in between choruses, the strings croon along with her guiding pitch. When the vocalist breaks out, the drums and strings explode in the same manner. Each member of the group never falls out of order with each other.

SŌK is a short EP with three tracks, but from introducing their strengths in such a short duration, the band is surely not to disappoint in the future. Listen to the EP in the link below:

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