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Say Hello To SZA


A budding songstress, SZA, has released her undeniably unique debut EP which showcases the brilliance of this self proclaimed hipster . She is the first and only female signed to the L.A.  based indie label ,Top Dawg Entertainment, which happens to also be behind Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul. Her debut EP, Z, has made its way to the top ten on the iTunes R&B Charts and has captured the attention of music fans of all genres.

“Z” is an innovative body of work that somehow manages to avoid the limitations of musical genre. Although the EP is clearly placed under the R&B section, both SZA and her music go against the expectations of typical R&B. SZA and her music have a coolness and alternative twist that is unmatched by most R&B artists of today. She is an artist that, obviously, has a lot to say and the ability to fuse innovation into a music industry that has became rather generic. With a sound vastly different than her peers, she is bound to make a name for herself.  After all, that why her hair is so big. It’s full of creativity.

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