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Selena’s Sneak Peek

America's sweetheart Selena Gomez

America’s sweetheart Selena Gomez

The former Disney channel sweetheart and pop singer Selena Gomez definitely has tricks up her sleeve!

The 22-year-old Mexican-American, Texas-raised Latina is famous for acting on Disney channel’s “Wizards of Waverly Place” and starring in a couple of movies besides being a pop sensation, having a clothing line partnered with K-mart and a shoe partnership with Adidas. If you want to see more of her work go to her website:!

As of lately, she just posted a couple of sneak peeks of her new song titled “I Want You To Know“. The soon to be released hit features electro-music artist Zedd. According to an article from, Selena Gomez posted 2 photos of her new music video via her Instagram account. The photos are “still visuals” that were posted yesterday [February 21st] and last week as well. With these photos, in addition to the one of her and Zedd on his Instagram account, we can anticipate that this song will be a party-starter soon enough.

While analyzing the photos from the Billboard article, I noticed a couple of things.

In the first photo, I noticed that Selena Gomez has a fun, wild yet classy and sophisticated New Years’ Eve party theme occurring. There is confetti falling and even a disco ball! This was definitely a nice touch and seemed pleasingly reminiscent to the 1970’s era…well… mostly because of the disco ball.

In her second photo she seems to be exquisitely dressed as if she will be attending a Gatsby party. Her hair slicked back and low v-cut dress reveal her personified grown-woman attitude. She seems to be confused, daydreaming or just blankly staring into nothing as she stands still with a motion-less expression on her face. You do see a camera on the left side of the photo so we can assume that either: a.) the music video team is visualizing how to execute the scene they are trying to record or b.) they just finished a part of the music video and are taking a break.

In addition, the photo of her and Zedd [posted on his Instagram account] is cute, goofy and refreshing.The last thing that either of them lack is facial expression. Her hair is extremely voluminous while his suit looks incredibly silky!

Previously, I only had little knowledge of Zedd, but luckily I did some research and found his Soundcloud stream that I wanted to share: In addition, a couple of years ago he released a catchy tune called “Clarity” and worked with Ariana Grande for her song “Break Free” not too long ago.

Zedd gives off a electronic-cool vibe from his previous songs and Selena Gomez gives off a sing-along-to-my-fun-party-pop-song vibe so we can only expect great things when we hear and watch the music video of “I Want You To Know” on Monday. As for now, be sure to listen to some of my favorite hits by Selena Gomez while we wait:


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