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Send Me Your Music!

In the 16 years of doing the “Hidden Treasures” show, I have always looked for new music to play on the show that you have probably not heard elsewhere.  Often, it’s an artist or group that I have heard open for a bigger group, someone I just happened across on the internet, or someone that just hears about the show and sends me a promo CD.  I have received CD’s from all over the world, and it’s been a pleasure to keep up with artists as their careers have developed.  It also gives you a chance to discover new artists as you listen to the older, “classic” artists and albums featured every week.  The show is called “Hidden Treasures” for a reason, after all.                                One artist that I discovered was Ruut.  Ruut is an extremely talented singer/songwriter/musician from Maryland by way of her native Finland.  I have been playing her music on the show for years, since her career began, and her latest album, “Untold Stories” is the best work she has ever done.  Check her out on Facebook and you will probably come to the same conclusion.                                                                                     So if you are an aspiring artist or band, send me your CD.  If I like it, I will play it on the show for my listeners to hear.  And yes, I still use CD’s for the show, so either a regular CD or a CD-R.  If it’s a CD-R, make sure it will play on a CD player, and that I have the song titles (you’d be surprised how often people forget to send me the titles with the CD).   Email me at or contact me on Facebook and I will send you my address.  And one last thing, I have received all kinds of things with the CD’s and it’s always interesting and certainly attention-getting, so keep it up.  I will see you on Monday, 12-4 PM CST at .  Thanks for listening!          


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