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She’s Back : The Resurrection of Nicki Minaj

After months of criticism from her fans that have followed her since the beginning of her rap career, Nicki Minaj has finally given them what they’ve wanted along. Although Minaj has been the only prominent female rapper in the current hip hop industry, she had began to veer her way into pop music territory. The once gritty and lyrically clever rapstress had morphed into this over the top, bipolar gimmick that was more famous for her sporadic personality and outrageous fashion choices than her musical content. When Minaj released her second album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, it was rather clear the she was unsure about where she wanted to go sonically. Nothing about the album made any sense and the music seemed like a desperate attempt at a pop music cross over.

After harsh criticism of the album and a tumultuous stint on Fox’s American Idol,  Minaj’s fans were skeptical about what she was going to do next and she suddenly disappeared from the spotlight. Until, a few days ago the video for her new song, “Lookin A** N****”,  quickly went viral and became the number one trending topic on social media. Minaj showed promise that she had failed to show in some of her latest efforts, and proved to the world that she doesn’t need a pink wig and a chicken bone necklace to be noticed. The song is lyrically daring and attempts to start a debate about the state of manhood in today’s society. While this song may not be Minaj’s best work, it reminds her fans why most of them fell in love with her in the first place. She has recently said in an interview that her overrated alter egos are now dead. Let’s hope that they stay that way for the sake of her music and her fans that want to listen to it. 


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