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Sheri’s Spotlight: Jasimi’s Bought Myself Daisies


While Jaz Sinclair is currently widely known for her acting career in projects such as Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Paper Towns (2015), her recent venture into music proves she has so much more to share with the world. 27-year-old, Los Angeles based actress, Jasmine Sinclair Sabino, began releasing music under the name Jasimi in late 2020. Since then, she’s quickly begun turning heads among the indie music world with her innovative songwriting and storytelling. July marked the release of her debut EP, Bought Myself Daisies, and if her thousands of monthly listeners are any indication, Jasimi is one for which to keep watch. 

The EP opens up with an all time favorite of mine, “Doing Great”. Silky smooth vocals pair beautifully with warm, grounded bass in this R&B track that’s all about living your best life. Initial single “Dosey Doe” follows, showcasing Jasimi’s more rap-heaving stylistic side with lyrics that are as rich as they are poetic. Jasimi writes “You know it’s not likely/That you ever meet a real one like me/Raw enough to permeate your psyche” in this bubbly, playful track. “Foood” serves as the EP’s most soulful, sultry, and swoon-worthy song as Jasimi chronicles her “Cataclysmic love”. Though the EP only consists 4 songs, listeners still get a distinct feeling that an entire story has been told. Bought Myself Daisies cycles through all the major components of a relationship that has ended, ultimately ending with quiet reflection and acceptance as told through “Take It Easy”. 

With features on Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday’ playlist and some gorgeous music videos accompanying the EP, I have no doubt that Jasimi’s popularity will only grow. Bought Myself Daisies has only been out for a couple of months so there’s no sign as to when Jasimi will release more music. However, with unreleased tracks constantly being hinted at on her Instagram, I cannot wait to see what she comes out with next. 

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