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Similar Kind, Post Sex Nachos and Nikko Blue at Beat Kitchen

As a member of Radio, I am grateful for the opportunity of getting to cover concerts and discover new bands. We received an invite to cover this event from Similar Kind, and going into it I did not really know what to expect. 

Starting off the night was Nikko Blue, who I was most familiar with since they have been playing local shows for a while. I played a show with one of their members in S.K.I.N. the week before but was yet to catch a Nikko Blue set. I loved their sound, especially their song “Imposter Syndrome,” and you will definitely catch me at their upcoming shows. 

Following Nikko Blue was Similar Kind. Before the show began, I got the chance to sit down with them and have a nice chat about touring and the process behind their EP (video coming soon). From our 10 minute chat, they seem like the type of people that you would want to have as friends because of how welcoming they were. This, combined with their insane talent, leads me to believe that they will have no trouble in continuing their success. Although they have only been together for about 4-5 years, their sound is incredibly tight. I was really  impressed with each individual member’s wit and talent, the performance legitimately gave me chills. My favorite moment was definitely when they played “I Don’t Wanna Fight Anymore.” I love everything about this song, especially the synths and vocal melodies. Their cover of Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You” also deserves a special mention since it is off of my favorite Michael Jackson record and they killed it. 

Lastly was Post Sex Nachos, whom I had not heard of before. I was thinking to myself, “How could anyone follow that last act?” because of how much energy Similar Kind had brought to the crowd, but they were able to elevate the crowd to another level. For sake of brevity, I must say that Post Sex Nachos turned me to a fan. 

Overall this had to be the most fun I’ve had at a show this summer so you should catch them while they are still on tour and if you are in the Chicago area, definitely come out to one of Nikko Blue’s shows. I promise that seeing any of them live will be worth it and you will come out a fan of them all!

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