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Sink Slow and Chicago’s Future for Lo-Fi Music

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On the night of the snowstorm on January 17th, a small bar near the DePaul University campus was encompassed by the piles of sludge and snow. The Debonair Social club is a small bar within this block that included a small venue downstairs for small party events to ensue.

An event titled “Lo-Fi Hip Hop +House Beats & Chill” was hosted by the young and energetic DJ, Sink Slow. Drew (Sink Slow) has a vying passion for music and wants to translate that passion into as many different facets as possible. Fun House Entertainment is that facet; an event management company that has been the epicenter of Sink Slow’s attention for over three years. With many music events thrown after these years, Fun House Entertainment is slowly but surely garnering the attention it deserves.

The dim-lit room is illuminated only by the radiant bar on the right half of the room and the encompassing red lights serve as the crown molds of the room. I had the pleasure to speak with Drew, sparking a conversation that extended beyond just a warm welcome and thankfulness.

I asked about Drew’s aspirations for getting into the lo-fi scene. Growing up in a musical household, he initially played in heavy metal bands in high school, taking influence from the likes of Asking Alexandria and such.

Although, disco and hip-hop music allowed Drew to switch from his heavy metal roots to emanating feverish joy in the party room with disco and hip-hop music. Through years of toiling with the sub- genre as well as starting his event management company, Drew stands with his moniker, Sink Slow, and is perusing through Chicago venues and continuing the party.

In Drew’s eyes, the Lo-Fi scene is a small community that isn’t garnering many creators to uphold its power. Especially in Chicago, where serious musicianship isn’t as strong as other art forms in the city, he felt that there was a need to expand the inspiration.

Fun House will also throw events like this. A free event where Drew and his fellow DJ will play lo-fi music that both soothes and entices the venue. People freely walk in and idle around with their partners and friends. Many people were hanging by themselves, nodding their heads to the music like no one was looking. Many people were also seen congregated together, recollecting on their holidays and enjoying the surrounding music and aura. 

This is the type of scene that lo-fi music demands. People free to chill and relax from a long week of work, school, and other obligations in life. In such chaotic times, events like these help people have downtime, and people like Drew and his company are here to serve the cause.


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