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spill your GUTS!

olivia rodrigo is going to do it each & every time! her sophomore album, Guts, released on friday and it exceeded all of my expectations! i loved how she still stayed true to herself, but also experimented with a 2000’s punk-forward vibe!

i actually had the chance to see olivia during her sour tour in 2022 and it was such a fun experience! i am so excited for her to announce her tour! this new album continues to be relatable for her audience and everyone on TikTok so far seems to like it.

my favorite track at the moment is get him back. can you believe it almost didn’t make it onto the album? i really liked how she closed the album with teenage dream, it is lyrically beautiful and can be relatable to a few.

overall, i would give this album a 10/10 and i am so excited to hear it live on tour!


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