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Spring Break-down

So as we wait and hope for March to bring some sign of warmer weather we all begin to think…How long do we have left till Spring break?! Some of us are planning to head out of town, maybe Florida or California. While the rest of us are going to be staying in the city for the week for a stay-cation. Well here are a few throwback songs that can bring the Spring Break feel to us even during the coldest of nights.

Temperature by Sean Paul

This song is the perfect thing to heat up this cold-almost spring like trend that we have been stuck in for the past couple of weeks. When this chart topper hit the radio it spread like wild fire. You know the moment that you hear this jam come out of your speakers you get hit with nostalgia and want to dance the night away.

California Dreaming Remix by Benny Benassi

Now this little number is especially for you EDM/Dance listeners. We know that within a matter of weeks (okay maybe days for some of your going to AURA music fest) the Electronic and Dance music communities are prepping for the concert season. Benny Benassi clever usage of music and new spin on a classic really works well together.

All My Friends Say by Luke Bryan

This song is the best way to describe that blacked out morning after a hard night of partying. It’s also the best county songs to describe how some people like to use Spring Break or partying in general to let their ex know what they are really missing out on. But remember, what you don’t remember your friends probably will.

I Love It by Icona Pop

“I LOVE IT!”, this motto best describes everyones attitude during Spring Break and pretty much our time throughout college. This song is definitely a party jam that you want to play, especially if someone wants to try and kill your mood.

These are a few of the hits that I’ve heard people are adding to their Spring Break playlists, what songs do you plan on jamming to? Let me know! Remember only have a few days until we finally get to relax! Til then soak up a bit of the sun that we’ve been having these past few days. Laters!

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