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Staying Warm While Looking Cool

Unlike my post about fall/winter fashion, this is all about how to stay fashionable without freezing in these windy, snowy, unpredictable times.

Now I love Chicago, but the weather here is… diverse at best, and a hellscape at worse. One day it is in the 50s, and the next the real feel is sub-20s. While some of this is contributed to climate change, this post isn’t about that. Enough about the weather, let’s talk about what to wear!!

The first thing I must discuss is layers!! Any given day I will be wearing up to 5 layers, and it is wonderful. They are your best friend for staying warm without sacrificing your fit.

For me, layering looks like turtlenecks and fleece-lined tights. Any color turtleneck works. Usually, I stick to black, white and perhaps a tan or creme, as they are more basic colors and allow the rest of my outfit to shine (but also I just wear a lot of black, white and brown). For the tights I go with a pair that best fits my skin tone. For some people, usually with darker skin, this can be trickier because a lot of places that sell tights are East-Asian brands, and a majority of their products are meant for lighter skin colors … :/ More brands have started producing these tights though, as they are gaining popularity which has greatly increased the options!!

With these tights, I also just throw on other pairs of tights over them! Like if I want to wear sheer black tights with an outfit but it is 30 degrees out, I will wear them over the fleece-lined ones!

Never be shy with layering, think like a maximalist when it come

Secondly: Coats! Trench coats! Teddy bear coats! Even puffers!

I love a coat that will really add some drama to my outfit. If I am wearing a shorter skirt? SHORT COAT!! If the coat and skirt are the same length/about the same length I literally ascend to heaven on the spot. And I don’t even believe in heaven. The same goes for longer coats; long pants/skirt + long coats?? Amazing. Or even mismatching long and short? Seems contradictory I know, but when done right, it is done right.

I recommend basic colors for coats, (like black, white and brown… again) as they are more likely to go with outfits. This is different though if you have a specific color scheme you wear — like if you wear mostly pink, then get a pink coat!!

Next up is accessories!!

This includes scarves, hats, earmuffs, leg warmers, gloves… literally everything else!!

Me personally, I’m not much of a hat person, but that’s just because of my hair lol. If you are then wear all the hats ever! Tbh I have little to say about them cause I don’t wear them… earmuffs tho…….. LOVE. I really want fuzzy white ones, but also love the big fuzzy Cinnamoroll (Sanrio character) earmuffs. I think they’re so so so cute, the winter version of sunglasses even. I love headbands and things that will give the same effect (such as sunglasses on the top of my head and earmuffs) and they’re literally so perfect.

I’ve talked about scarves before, but I love them. Whether they’re thin and just for the look or a big scarf that actually works. Love. I think they can add such drama to an outfit and are just so lovely for the cold. Currently, the really wide scarves have my heart, even though I gotta work a little more to not let them cover what I’m wearing…

Leg warmers though… are truly something beautiful. Not only do they kinda work for yk.. warmth, but they give this amazing almost chunky look to your shoes. Literally, it gives Monster High energy with the chunky shoe look, and I adore it so much. I will also wear them on the inside of my boots just like with a bit poking out, but otherwise, they are around my ankles and hanging over the heel of my shoe. My recommendation for finding them is at thrift stores or vintage stores, you can totally buy new but I love the older designs and you can definitely find cute ones for very cheap.

Shoes themselves are also huge. Definitely, a big part of staying warm is proper foot attire, but proper and cute are two different things. I love the Demonia camel 311 boots that everyone has been wearing, but I’d definitely be careful about them because there was some backlash especially last year about the tan ones looking very similar to Native American wear/ very culture appropriation-y… Idk, looking now I can’t seem to see anything, but I remember it being a thing. Looking for brands designed for the winter Is also great. My mom passed down an old pair of La Canadienne’s, which is a Canadian brand (big surprise I know), that makes shoes for the weather. Either way, platforms are absolutely the move this winter!

As I said before, be a maximalist. More is better when it comes to clothes/layering/winter fashion. I literally will have tv/movie characters (usually animated as they have more extreme looks usually, but not always) in mind while I am choosing what to wear so that I don’t have to just rely on my imagination.

That is all!! I hope everyone has an amazing winter break and I know that everyone who reads this blog has passed all of their exams!! Stay cozy and cute!!


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