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Thalia – The Latin Pop Queen

Thalia - Latin Pop Queen

Thalia – Latin Pop Queen

Thalia is a famous Mexican singer and former telenovela star (telenovela, novella meaning Spanish soap opera). What most don’t know about her is that she is also a songwriter, entrepreneur, wife, and mother. She is also proclaimed as the Latin Pop Queen.

She has been singing since the early 1980s then started her acting career a little after that. Therefore if you are to ask a Millennial of Latino cultural background who grew up in the 1990s watching telenovelas at an early age surely they will tell you: “Yeah! I know Thalia! I remember her!” She is best known for her roles as the main characters of hit telenovelas such as “MariMar”, “Maria del Barrio” and “Rosalinda”. A little quick information on telenovelas [aside from the fact that they are more dramatic than American television soap operas] is that usually they only last one long season then they are done.

Besides being beautiful and classy, she has also been nominated multiple times and won several awards throughout her entertainment career. She has always been a pop singer and has actually JUST released her 17th album titled: Amore Mio. On this album she has a duet with pop singer Becky G (a fresh face in the mainstream scene who you might know as the voice of that song on the radio “Shower”). The song they worked on is called “Como Tu No Hay Dos” (translation: Like you there isn’t two).

It’s so great to see that Thalia, a Latina who has experience in the music business was able to be a mentor to Becky G who is breaking out into the Pop Music scene for her English fans. Here is that new Thalia song and my personal favorites by her. Peep the new album!


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