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The Daily Blend’s January Top Ten 2019

Happy New Year everyone! Very excited for new things in 2019! The biggest thing I’m excited for though is the new music! So far, a bunch of new music has already come out in this amazing new year, but I only have a couple of them on the blog this month because I reallllllly had to share my thoughts on some of the new music released. BUT I can’t throw 2018 away just yet because I never announced my top ten albums of 2018! Some amazing music came out last year and it needs to be celebrated. It took me forever to narrow it down to ten, and I almost had to do a top fifteen because I was having such trouble. But nonetheless, keep reading to find out the albums and artists I love this new year and my favorites from last year.

The Daily Blend’s January Top Ten 2019

With everything that is played on my show, you all probably think I have way too much happening in the skull area of my body. So, I want to give everyone a little insight as to what’s going on in my brain, without having to look at the “Recently Played” section on my Spotify. The solution I came to was to tell everyone about the hidden (and not so hidden) gems in my music library for the month. Some of the music I post will be at the top of charts, some of the music won’t be your style, some will be a band’s biggest hit that I’ve just been happening to listen to a lot, and some will be completely unknown to you!

So, to start it off, here’s just a couple of my favorite artists for January, a little bit about them, and some song suggestions:

1. Bring Me The Horizon (Rock)

I HAVE NO IDEA IF BMTH HAS BEEN ON THE BLOG BEFORE AND IT DOESN’T MATTER. WHAT DOES MATTER IS THAT THEY JUST RELEASED ONE OF THE BEST ALBUMS EVER WRITTEN. Truly, I have pretty high standards for albums. The songs need to be diverse enough to stand apart from each other while still blending together in a way that makes them fit so perfectly together as one united item. And BMTH just did exactly that. There aren’t two songs that sound alike but they flow so beautifully together. Every song is a masterpiece and I honestly think that their new album may be in my top 3 favorite albums of all time. That’s how good it is. And for that reason, they’re at the top of this list.

Song suggestions: “mother tongue,” “in the dark,” “i don’t know what to say”

2. The Neighbourhood (Indie Rock)

May I preface this Sam-Created bio with me saying that it’s not that I have never wished to listen to The Neighbourhood, but instead it’s more like I’ve just never had the chance/been motivated enough to try and listen to their music. This month changed that. Although really, the change began in August. The Neighbourhood happens to be one of my best friend’s favorite bands and in August we went to Lollapalooza. The Neighbourhood was there and we decided to watch them and I thought they were a lot better than what I had heard on the radio back in 2013. I was having a new music binge this month and decided to give them a chance. I AM IN LOVE NOW. And frankly, I can’t believe I never gave them a chance before. And my friend can’t believe I never gave them a chance earlier either, saying that she should have “force fed” me this band a long time ago. Oh well, I like them now. All is good.

Song suggestions: “Softcore,” “R.I.P. 2 My Youth,” “How”

3. MILKK (Indie-Pop)

Second part of my new music binge! On top of The Neighbourhood, I found these guys! I went to a concert in October and the friend that I went with and I became friends with this girl in the crowd and she was telling us how MILKK was coming to her house to do a house concert and she was trying to sell tickets for the show. I had no idea who the band was so I didn’t care enough until I saw her videos online from the show, and it looked great. I finally had the chance to listen to them during my new music binge and WOW THEY ARE FANTASTIC. They’re definitely chill and pretty unknown, so if that’s what you’re into, I highly suggest this band.

Song suggestions: “Secret’s Out,” “Leaving,” “IDWK”

4. Aster and Ivy (Alternative Rock)

Third part of my new music binge and another completely unknown band! I found this band when they followed me on Twitter, so I gave their music a shot because their name sounded pretty. Turns out their name AND music is pretty! They don’t have much music (only six songs), but the songs they do have are really, really good! Like I said, they’re kind of unknown and aren’t yet popular, so start listening to them to get them the credit they deserve! I truly can’t wait for more music from them in the near future.

Song suggestions: “Changes,” “Traveler,” “All Signs Point West”

5. Watsky (Rap)

A new year always brings new music, and Watsky happens to be at the top of my favorite new music of the new year thus far. He released a new album called “Complaint” on January 11thand I’ve been in love with it since it came out. He uses a lot of different techniques that he never really used in past albums, and therefore called this release “an experiment.” Many fans didn’t like the experimental style of the album but I personally thought it was super creative and different! Definitely one of my current favorites at the moment.

Song suggestions: “Limo 4 Emos,” “Whitecaps,” “No Complaints No Conversation”

6. David Cook (Alternative Rock)

Y’all remember the best American Idol winner? I stumbled upon a David Archuleta song in a Spotify playlist this month, which reminded me of how he lost his season of American Idol to David Cook like a decade or so ago. I remember making a bet with my mom when the season was airing that this David vs. David battle would end with Cook beating Archuleta, and she disagreed, but I totally won the bet. This month has basically been me just remembering how amazing his voice is and what great music he makes. I suggest you all take a trip down memory lane to treat yourself to some great music.

Song suggestions: “Lie,” “Death of Me,” “Declaration”

7. Adventure Club (Electronic)

I’m pretty sure that I’ve had Adventure Club on this blog before, but maybe not. They’re an EDM duo that does a lot of remixes but also has a bunch of original songs too! They actually happen to be one of my favorite EDM artists, being passed up only by The Glitch Mob. No big reason as to why they’re on this list, because they aren’t part of the new music binge, but I just recently have been listening to them a lot. You all should do the same.

Song suggestions: “Limitless (feat. Delaney Jane),” “Ghosts,” “Gold (feat. Yuna)”

8. Halsey (Pop)

I’ve never really been into Halsey, no matter how many times I hear her songs on the radio, but I saw a video on Twitter of her singing live and I was really, really impressed! I decided to give her a chance and not just go based on what I’ve heard on the radio. It seems my judgment may have been off in the past and she’s actually extremely talented. So, I stand corrected, my previous opinion on Halsey sucks. For those who only know her songs on the radio, please go give some of her other songs some love as well!

Song suggestions: “Castle,” “Gasoline,” “Sorry”

9. Mariami (Pop)

THIS IS AN ARTIST I PROMISE YOU DON’T KNOW. I found this singer in quite possibly the weirdest way possible. Someone on Twitter had posted a remix of Ariana Grande’s new song “7 Rings” and I thought the app that made the remix was pretty cool, so I downloaded it. Turns out, most of the songs to remix aren’t free. One of Mariami’s songs was one of the only free songs to remix, and I thought the song was so good that I listened to the rest of her stuff. Turns out she is SO talented! Her most streamed song on Spotify has like 50,000 streams, and most of her songs have less than 10,000 streams. My favorite song of hers (Dear K) only has about 1,000 streams! Go on and give her more streams – she deserves it!

Song suggestions: “The Life I Always Fantasized,” “Champagne Soul,” “Sedona”

10. Chase Atlantic (Alternative Hip Hop)

Yeah, yeah, I know. Why is Chase Atlantic on here for the millionth time? Well, ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between, they just released a new EP so I’ve been listening to them a little bit this month. I’m not the biggest fan of their new EP but it’s still pretty good. And it’s a new release, all new releases should be listened to a little bit to get the streams and stuff up. I have to support them even if this release isn’t their best.

Song suggestions: “WHAT U CALL THAT,” “LUST,” “DEVILISH”

Now we go on to the top tracks of January:

  1. “nihilist blues (feat. Grimes),” – Bring Me The Horizon (amo, 2019)

  2. “Single,” – The Neighbourhood (Wiped Out!, 2015)

  3. “stranger than earth,” – Purity Ring (another eternity, 2015)

  4. “What Goes Up,” – Watsky (Complaint, 2019)

  5. “Keanu Reeves,” – Logic (Keanu Reeves – Single, 2019)

  6. “Dear K,” – Mariami (Vortex, 2017)

  7. “Rush Over Me,” – Seven Lions (Rush Over Me – Single, 2016)

  8. “Crash 2.0,” – Adventure Club (Red//Blue, 2016)

  9. “Cocaine,” – Aster and Ivy (Tell Me Pretty Things, 2018)

  10. “Light On,” – David Cook (David Cook, 2008)

Aaaaaaand finally, the killer albums of January:

  1. “amo,” – Bring Me The Horizon (2019)

  2. “Wiped Out!” – The Neighbourhood (2015)

  3. “Complaint,” – Watsky (2019)

  4. “If You’re Reading This, I Love You,” – MILKK (2018)

  5. “Who Do You Trust?” – Papa Roach (2019)

  6. “Tell Me Pretty Things,” – Aster and Ivy (2018)

  7. “Vortex,” – Mariami (2017)

  8. “DON’T TRY THIS EP,” – Chase Atlantic (2019)

  9. “Oak Island,” – Our Last Night (2013)

  10. “BADLANDS,” – Halsey (2015)

And now for my top ten albums of 2018!!

  1. “Entertainment,” – Waterparks

  2. “The Silver Scream,” – Ice Nine Kills

  3. “MANIA,” – Fall Out Boy

  4. “Ember,” – Breaking Benjamin

  5. “Boom Boom Room (Side B),” – Palaye Royale

  6. “21stCentury Liability,” – YUNGBLUD

  7. “I Am Human,” – Escape the Fate

  8. “Pray for the Wicked,” – Panic! At The Disco

  9. “Fear,” – Arrested Youth

  10. “See Without Eyes,” – The Glitch Mob

With all of that being said, if you have something you think is “Top Ten” quality, like my Facebook page and follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter and shoot me a message! I’d love to take requests, and if I love the artist/album/song enough, it just might make it on my list!

Facebook: @TheDailyBlendUIC

Instagram: samanthaxoxo___

Twitter: samanthacxoxo_

See ya next month!

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