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The dangers of…

Okay so I want to start off by saying that I hope everyone is reading this while they are in a warm place because the weather is out to get us… Last week, I talked about parking and how inconsiderate people can be, and this week, I think it is time to call out the people that are texting and walking…everyone sees them in the quad, in doorways, in the halls of our buildings, etc. People are walking around aimlessly, not looking where they are going, and moving incredibly sloooooow…like zombies-like these guys in this picture…

zombie texters

Just want to make a public service announcement here: Some of us are actually trying to get to class on time!! This whole texting/facebooking/instagramming/twittering/snapchatting while walking is ridiculous.

inconsiderate texter and walker

I mean I get it that many of us have children or people that we take care of and that we need to have our phones at our sides in case someone needs to reach us, but for the most part, many of you are not doing anything of real significance.

I have peeked over a few shoulders to see what people are so invested in, that they are not paying attention to their surroundings…so far I have witnessed Facebook updates, selfies being taken, and quite a few funny faces being sent on snapchat (I might be in some of these by the way since I enjoy photobombing you guys)…all of this could wait. Pick up the pace or step to the side, but spend less time staring at a screen so that the people around you are able to get where they need to go without any setbacks.

wait your facebook status can wait

If it were just one or two people doing this, it would be no problem walking around you guys, but seeing as how about 75% of students are doing this, it is getting harder to maneuver around you guys.

Maybe UIC should invest in one of these, instead of the bike lanes they just drew…

texting and walking lane

Not only is this rude, but this is also a safety issue. I have witnessed people walking right into each other because both are staring at their phones. I have watched some of you guys almost walk face first into buildings and poles…pay attention guys, it is not worth annoying those around you or an injury that you can only blame on staring at your phone instead of watching where you are going…be safe and stay warm.


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