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The First Show Of March!

It’s always great to see March arrive after living through another February in Chicago.  This past month tied for the second coldest February ever, so March has to be an improvement.  Let’s start it out with some great music on this week’s show.  I will be featuring the music of three artists born during the week, a classic album released 45 years ago this week, and a great band playing a sold-out show this week in Chicago.  The first featured artist is ROGER DALTREY of THE WHO, 71 years old today.  Roger is one of rock’n’roll’s greatest vocalists and still playing live with The Who.  The second featured artist is the great LOU REED, born 73 years ago tomorrow in 1942.  Lou passed away in 2013 at the age of 71, but his music, both solo and with The Velvet Underground, lives on.  He is surely one of the most influential artists ever in rock’n’roll history.  Our final featured artist is ARTHUR LEE of LOVE, born 70 years ago this week in 1945.  Arthur passed away in 2006 at the age of 61, but his music continues to influence artists today.  Love’s masterwork. “Forever Changes”, is one of the best albums ever released.  This week’s featured album is MOUNTAIN’s debut, “Climbing!”, released 45 years ago on March 7, 1970.  It’s a great debut and there isn’t a bad song on the LP.  Finally, I will be featuring the music of THE CHURCH on this week’s show.  They play a sold-out show on Friday at the Double Door in Chicago.  They are, of course, best known for their hit, “Under The Milky Way”, but they have created a great body of work over the years and put on a fantastic live show.   I hope you can join me tomorrow (Monday), 12-4 PM CST at !http://


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