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The Golden Rules: Being All In

Words by @pot_ofGoldrick

A band that sings about the empowerment of women in the poppiest of pop ways may not be a traditional endorsement for a male rap fan to dole out, but here I sit, freely admitting that I am ALL IN for one.

How this phenomenon started, you may ask? It was during my prep work for Lollapalooza when I fell faster than a Jen Anniston fanboy. As a typical hardo for the annual festival at Grant Park, my duty was to thoroughly research acts to ensure I could appear super sick and confident with all the music. However, after hours of analysis on several EDM artists who were making sounds similar to a mechanic, my head needed rest.

It was at that point when I veered towards listening to other artists who would not be playing at the infamous, mud pit that is the Perry’s Stage. What I stumbled upon shifted my musical perceptions.

If you are familiar with the Lollapalooza lineup page, the headliners are in large text at the top. The further down an artist’s name is, the less significant they are to the festival. Near the bottom is where I discovered my infatuation. I typed “Misterwives” into Youtube fully expecting a joke of a group. They had a fair amount of views on one song, but the rest had a humbling amount. Yet, after one listen I was undoubtedly hooked. Yes, for all you Misterwives groupies, it was the song “Reflections,” but can you blame me? “Reflections” built a sensational crescendo thanks to lead singer, Mandy Lee. I needed more.

(photo courtesy of spotify)

Four hours later I had listened to their entire album, “Our Own House,” twice, and select songs even more, but I was also struggling with an internal conflict. How in God’s name was I supposed to send or play this to anyone?

I didn’t know whether sneaking it on to the speakers when we were all hammered or pretending like it came up on my Pandora was the move. It’s tough to tell friends who intertwine themselves with only EDM and rap that you are actually a big supporter of a band named Misterwives.

Yet, after sniffing around long enough I finally came out with how obsessed I was to a good pal, who planned on going to Lolla with me. Perplexingly, he was also ALL IN. He also happens to be a marine. So, hey, don’t feel bad if you’ve been secretly jamming. Their music is that tight.

Misterwives was energetic and on point throughout their entire performance on the first day of the Lolla. It was probably the best concert I saw all weekend. I encourage all to take a listen to the band and don’t fight against girl power. It may even help you meet that special someone!?

Misterwives will be performing in Chicago on Oct. 30 at the Vic Theatre. GO! Be ALL IN! If no one wants to go with you, HMU. My foot will be on the pedal that night for sure.

Suggested songs to listen to:

As always, Flame on, baby!


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