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The O’My’s Got Me Addicted

If you’re an avid Ab-Soul fan, like me, then you without a doubt got your hands on his new album “These Days” immediately. You might’ve also noticed the title track “These Days” sounding especially soulful with the help of The O’My’s. After listening to that song on repeat I quickly became addicted to the sound of The O’My’s and of course did my research as to who they are.

All 6 band members hail from Chicago and together they create a soulful sound that Chicago was once known for. Maceo Haymes is the lead vocalist with a strong powerful voice, who also plays guitar. Nick Hennessey gives the band keys, Boyang Matsapola on the bass, Erick Mateo coming in with the heavy hitting saxophone, Will Miller supplying the trumpet, and last but not least Barron Golden who plays the drums. It needs to be noted that every member of this band also contributes to vocals because these men are incredibly talented.


The O’My’s have already recorded with some big names in the rap and R&B community such as Chance the Rapper, Ab-Soul and NoName Gypsy. It is hard to describe in words the feeling you get when listens to The O’My’s music because it is something I have never experienced before. Haymes has such a resonating voice that flows so will with all of the instrumental talent in the band, it is music you can easily sit back sip on your beverage of choice and jam to. My personal favorite song of theirs is “The Wonder Years” and it is featuring Chance the Rapper. As soon as you hear Haymes hit that chorus you’ll become addicted to their sound like I did. Lucky for all of us, they’ll be releasing new music come late Fall of 2014. Give them a listen and let me know your thoughts!


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