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The Re-torn…

The day had come and Rose was back. Little did we know that it would all go from “THE RETURN” to “THE RE-TORN.”

Chicago Bulls fans all around the country were excited when they found out the 2013-2014 season was the return of 2011 NBA MVP, Derrick Rose.  After his injury in April 2012, he has been training all summer to prepare for this season.  ” There’s something inside me that won’t give up. A rallying cry inspired by those who believe in me. I’ll never stop pushing until we’re back. For my city, our team and the game we love. I’m all in,” says Rose while advertising for Adidas.  However, on November 22, 2013, that all changed.

The Chicago Bulls were up against the Portland Trailblazers, hoping to destroy their 8 game win streak.  Throughout the 1st half, the Bulls were leading 57-41.  However, in the late third quarter, Chicago’s worst nightmare became reality again.  Rose was injured, leading the Bulls to a 98-95 loss.

He (Rose) lost his footing while trying to get back on defense after Nicolas Batum on the Trailblazers stole a pass from Joakim Noah and turned the other way.  After the Blazers scored, a timeout was called and the crowd knew something serious happened.  Derrick Rose is not coming back for the rest of the season due to a torn meniscus in his right knee.

So, now what?

Is there still hope for Rose later on? Will his case be similar to that of former NBA All-Star Brandon Roy, who had to retire due to his excessive injuries?

The city of Chicago has been speculating and hoping he is restored to his former glory in 2015, if he returns again.


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