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The Real Reason Why There are More Music Festivals than Ever

The disturbing truth is…we are to blame. My friend and Chicago producer, Dexter Codell, was discussing with me the salty yet simply understood truth of why there are so many festivals lately. Having a lot of music festivals is a problem for fans because it becomes costly as shows add up, especially when our favorite artists are returning to our city multiple times a year. Performing live is now artists’ biggest source of income and that is because people are not purchasing music anymore. Not only are artists touring more, but ticket prices have gone up. In the early 90s, Lollapalooza tickets were about $30 for a day pass. Now prices are three times as much. There weren’t many ways to obtain music without paying for it until Napster was created in 1999. There have been many other file sharing resources since, making annual touring a priority for many artists. After having this discussion with Dexter, I no longer get upset about concert fees because that money is probably less than what it would cost to purchase my favorite songs from every artist there anyways.


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