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THE RECORD BY BOYGENIUS: Favorite Tracks and Comparing Predictions

The long awaited day has come to us and boygenius has released their latest album, the record. With this anticipated release, I’d like to take the time to analyze a few of my favorite tracks while also reviewing predictions that were made when we got a brief taste to some of the singles on the record.

"Not Strong Enough"

Starting off, this track has a raw acoustic band feel with the dynamics of a more intricate piece. Lyrics reflect being caught in between knowing self worth, but battling a lack of recognition and self confidence. The grey zone of identity and the high of getting to know yourself. Overall “Not Strong Enough,” is a safe song with an upbeat and adventurous feel still giving us something new. Every voice of boygenius gets a chance to stand out within this song while always resolving to a beautiful harmony.

"True Blue"

A mellow and steadily paced ode to an old lover. A lot of speculation has gone into piecing together Phoebe Bridgers’ previous partner Emily Bannon, who may have inspired the name of the song. Despite all the information of the former romance, I think it’s absolutely lovely how Julien and Lucy come together with Bridgers to tell this story and turn it into something deeply relatable. The feeling of being stuck with someone who is dearly loved but facing an inevitable separation, is a gut wrenching experience that can bring someone to their knees. At the same time, heartbreak can be special in its ability to reunite.

"Letter To An Old Poet"

This song is deeply personal and though it sounds so sweet, the lyrics are filled with a certain resentment. The lyrics portray a relationship where there may be passionate feeling left lingering, but they align much more with hatred. A struggle of power is shown between both parties until they are separated and ready to leave the past behind. Starting off slow with the introduction of harmonies, the song builds to allude to an earlier loved track “Me & My Dog,” from their past self-titled album. It’s intriguing to also possibly view this song as a lyrical continuation of “Me & My Dog,” going from romanticizing to loathing.


Julien Baker shines in this song. I personally adore the mixture of a sweet but distinct texture, with rasp. Between rock, pop and ballad. Immense amounts of non-linear self reflection, to ask how one gets to the point where they are now. A pessimistic indifference to one’s own life. The audible build of the song allows a growing optimism. And the point of turn is Julien “swimming back,” taking the best out of a bad situation and finding what may even be a blessing

Predictions holding up:

When boygenius initially dropped their first few singles to tease the album, I made some predictions that the album would have a signature nostalgic and intrapersonal dialogue feel to it. That has definitely held up as the songs reference old lovers, experiences and the patterns of growing up. Sonically, there are some differences as the record sets up a deeper tone with bells and synths creating a more immersive feel. The balance between grunge feminine and vulnerable ballad on this album is impeccable. The collective talent of boygenius never fails to amaze and, without a doubt, will continue to do so.

--- Karalynn Cromack


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