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The Return of Scarface

Words by @Pot_ofGoldrick

In belated fashion, it’s time to toss some credit Scarface’s way. And, no, I’m not talking about the legendary movie.

Rather, the legendary rapper who hails from Houston. The former member of the Geto Boys. The man who raps as passionately today as he did in 1989.

If this blog seems random then you were caught sleeping in the same way that I was. You see, Scarface released a new album on Sept. 4.

Deeply Rooted is Scarface’s twelfth studio album, and it straddles the line of gospel and ghetto gloriously. While vintage Scarface is apparent in poignant verses, the texan’s vulnerability is apparent in tracks like “God,” which features John Legend, and “All Bad.”

It may not be Scarface’s finest, but Deeply Rooted has substance. Respect to the 44-year-old from Hustle Town’s Crestmont Park neighborhood.

In honor, the following are the top five songs Scarface has been a part of. Like usual, though, there is room for argument.

(Warning the following videos contain explicit lyrics)

5. All Bad – Deeply Rooted

4. I Seen A Man Die – The Diary

3. Now I Feel Ya – The World is Yours

2. G Code – The Foundation

  1. On My Block – The Fix

As Always, Flame on.


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