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These are a few of my favorite things!

I am not a huge winter person at all! Having lived in India all my life, the weather has always been just perfect. Especially where I live, summers are hot but the winters are pleasant as ever. The nights are cool and the days are warm with beautiful skies. However, there’s just something else about Chicago’s winter. I thought I hated it, but over the years, I have fallen in love with it.

Being a college student, there’s a few things I love; food, music, partying and baked goods! Chicago’s winter is the best time for some of these activities and more! My top 5 reasons why I love Chicago winters are-

1) More house parties!- summer is the time when people want to go out, be in the sun, feel the warmth, and basically do anything they can outside. That’s cause Chicago doesn’t get its fair share of summer. However, in the winter, since its too freakin cold to really do anything, we choose to stay home and get drunk, and therefore, have more house parties! More potlucks! More fun!

2)Ice Skating rinks!- So I have to say, I am really, really bad at ice skating, and I usually can’t be on the ice for more than 15 minutes. But I know people who love skating and if there’s anywhere you want skate, it’s Millenium Park. The park is so beautiful in the winter. The rink, coffee shop, the happy kids and couples joining their hands to circle around the rink, all of it just makes me so happy!

3) The Lights!- Ofcourse the holidays would be incomplete without any lights, but the way Chicago does it, is the best! The lights on Michigan Avenue make everyone smile! It’s a happy time and everyone loves how even in the dark, there are so many lights and so much brightness!

4) Coffee shops and baked goods!- Its that time of the year where you have all the sugar cravings and more than that, you feel sleepy and want to cuddle up into a blanket! What’s better than getting a cup of coffee and a few delicious pastries! Few of my favorite places are Artopolis in Greek town and the Worm Hole Cafe in Wicker Park! Get a some hot chocolate, a danish and get cozy on your couch to watch Bad Santa!

5) All the Chicago winter events!- Yeah summer is fun and everyone is out having a blast at concerts and the beach, but what’s even more fun is Chicago’s winter events . Go run at the Hot Chocolate5k Marathon or the famous Tbox bar crawl in Wrigleyville! Go crazy at the Zedd concert on New Years Eve or watch  go watch Wicked! There’s so many things to do that you will not get bored! 

I’ll leave ya’all to that and I hope you enjoy the same things I do!


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