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‘Tis the Season to Slay

Posted on December 02, 2019

The holidays are here! Check out these great holiday-inspired make up looks.

You can’t go wrong with a natural “beat!” Perfect brows can be accomplished with Anastasia Beverly Hills’ dip brow or pencil. A great dupe is E.L.F.’s eyebrow pencil for about $2! A neutral color on your eyelids is a great addition to the neutral bronzer and nude lip. To add more glam to the look, add a bit of NYX glitter or shimmer to your eyelids and a jet black winged eyeliner.

A great go-to holiday look includes burgundy eyelids and a dark red lip. Don’t forget to add blush on top of your bronzed cheeks!

This next look might really get you in the spirit! The most important aspect of this look is the eyelids. Apply a burgundy shade as your base and apply an emerald green shade on top. Ulta is a great store to purchase eyeliners that will help apply the candy cane wing eyeliner. Lastly, use green and red liners to accomplish the mistletoe look.

Darker shades of green are considered festive colors. Incorporating green eyelids with a bit of shimmer will go great with your jet black wing liner and nude gloss.

The last look may require a bit more patience. Grab your most favorite blue eye shadow and start blending! You’ll have to create your blue and white-winged eyeliner, but don’t forget to apply glitter to it afterwards. Use white eyeliner to create the giant snowflakes at the corner of your eyelids. To finish up, this look will be complete with a nude-colored lip gloss.


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