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Trauma in a Different Lens 03/07/23

“When people don’t do the work to process their early trauma, the trauma takes up residence in their personality.”

Interesting take, right?

We, as humans, have been assembled and impacted by other people throughout our lives. Overtime, as we grow, we become a combination of others’ souls alongside ours.

With this diversity around us, it’s common to experience clashes between personalities. Some people just don’t get along. Some people’s life experiences cannot relate to another’s, and when someone is faced with that disconnect, their way of communicating reflects their healing, or lack of healing, too.

Trauma can come from many different scenarios. It’s a controversial topic. People often invalidate their own traumas, saying their experience wasn’t “bad enough” to be considered trauma. However, no matter what the situation is, something that disrupts your emotional and mental peace for a long amount of time can be considered trauma.

Trauma: an emotional response to a distressing event or experience.

If we neglect this emotional response, it digs itself deeper into us, influencing the way we live, think and interact with others. It gets in the way of character development, and it becomes part of us.

We aren’t our trauma though. We are what we define ourselves as. Our minds evolve over time and we must embrace this change. We must create a connection between our mind and our body in order to release all of this heavy cargo in our hearts; in order to move on and continue growing.

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