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Trending How: Chinese Fashion and How it Affects Us

Hey all!

This week I'm going to talk about Chinese Fashion Trends! And in my opinion how many trends in the West are inspired by those in China!

In previous decades, it has been clear that America is at the top of fashion design, even leading the fashion world in terms of style, design, and inspiration. Out of the 4 so-called "fashion capitals of the [western] world" Paris, London, Millan, and New York City, New York City was considered to be the most influential.

Unfortunately, these fashion capitals leave out the majority of the world, as it is only the U.S. and 3 European countries... Today I will be talking about the influences from China and Chinese fashion/beauty trends, but there are countless countries that could and should be considered in the competition for "fashion capital".

But recently New York City Fashion Weeks' have been lacking...

Even on social media, we see other countries 'trends come to America months after they happen. In 2023 Chinese consumers accounted for about half of global luxury sales, with this mass increase of consumerism, comes the hyperproduction of design, the market has proven that high fashion will sell, and so it gives designers and influencers to come up with more. To create trends and even more designs.

Some of the current/upcoming trends in China now are:

  • Gorpcore

  • Yabi

  • Balletcore

  • Androgyny

  • Bloke Core

  • Intellectual Chic

Many of these have been growing in America/the West as well. While all of these trends have been going on for the majority of the year in China, trends like bloke core got to America towards the latter part of August and September, with everyone wearing that one Brazil Jerzy. Gorpcore is cute but outdoorsy, heavily on buying sustainable and high-quality materials, tech wear is included here as well.

My favorites from this list are probably Intellectual Chic, a fashionable corporate or even school uniform, scholarly but cute, usually having designer pieces, and just very up my alley. And Yabi. Yabi is more of a subculture than a trend, meant to go against the norm with colorful hair, torn tights, tattoos, and maximalist accessories, almost combining Gyaru with grunge.

Several Chinese Designer companies have gotten to the top 20 global designer companies! Chow Tai Fook Jewelry Group, China National Gold Group, and Loa Feng Ziang Co., are all jewelry companies doing extremely well. Even having 11 companies in the Luxury's Global Top 10, which is more than France and Switzerland.

Some other popular Chinese clothing companies are:

  • Klee Klee

  • Meters/Bonwe

  • The R Collective

  • Icicle

  • Shanghai Tang

  • Ochirly

I believe the next fashion trend in America will be some form of business casual, not like in 2015, but in a more stylistic way. And the current trends in China definitely show that as well. Thank you so much for reading this week and I am curious about what you think!! Do you agree that America is lacking in fashion? Why or why not?


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