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Ummmm….Everyone’s a Critic

— Sean Barry

Five weeks ago, I started hosting my own sports talk show for UIC radio. I am doing this because I love sports and want to work in sports media. It’s great practice for my profession and I actually enjoy the hell out of it.

However, I was quickly reminded of the old saying in the entertainment business, “everyone’s a critic.”

As I “ummm-ed” my way to the end of my second show, which I thought was a terrible performance, I got a text from an old friend of mine as I walked out the door of the studio. I won’t name names, but the message really pissed me off. Even if it was constructive, which it was, and I appreciate that.

The text was filled with, “you need to do this,” “you need to do that,” “don’t say umm so much,” etc, etc. I just got off the air. I knew I had a terrible show. I didn’t want to hear this crap right now.

I responded by saying, “Hey, thanks for listening and I really appreciate your input because it will only make the show better, but you have to understand that it was my second show. I’m just getting the hang of this, and I don’t have a producer or a co-host to assist me if suddenly get off track or forget the information I was trying to convey. ” The person responded with what I will call, “rebuttal criticism.” Which is f****** ridiculous after what I initially responded with.

It is now December 21st, and I have completed five shows. I know that the shows have gotten better, the “umm’s” have lessened and the show is more fluid. My point in all this, is to simply remind people that regardless of what profession you’re trying to make it in, someone will always have something to say or a tip on how to do your job better even if they’ve never done the job.

I’m sure I’m guilty of this as well, but I write all of this as a reminder for people to pursue whatever job they really desire, trust their own judgment, and don’t let negative people get in the way of something you care about. Every person that has ever succeeded has faced criticism or failed before they’ve succeeded. Don’t let the critics and the failures stop you from what you want.

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