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Valentine’s Day Etiquette

Hello everybody, Happy belated Valentine’s Day!!


I know many of us had date nights with the one we love yesterday and that the night was perfect. I am so happy for those that had a successful, romantic evening. I also am happy for those who oppose Valentine’s Day wholeheartedly and wish the whole day was abolished. To each his own right?

Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but what I do NOT agree with is when someone else’s opinion inconveniences other people. I find that to be inappropriate and tasteless….let me tell you a quick story.

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I was on a date night with my boyfriend, minding our own business excited to eat some steak and shrimp, have a few drinks, and just enjoy each other’s company. We were patiently waiting for our table along with dozens of other couples looking to have a great night too.

Next to us, were a group of singles, maybe 5 or 6, celebrating the fact that they were each other’s Valentine’s dates. They were LOUDLY telling each other how stupid this day was and how they were lucky to not have to worry about celebrating a day with someone who would cheat on them in the future.

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Now I am all for having your own opinions, but really, this was just rude? They were talking loudly on purpose to make sure all the couples surrounding them could hear. They were having drinks and it was obvious a few were slightly intoxicated. Again, nothing wrong with that, but control yourselves…

Anyway, before they were politely asked to leave the restaurant, the group thought it would be funny to join the couples that were already sitting down eating. There were several booths with couples and several of the single’s group decided to share a booth and just sit at their table…RUDE MUCH?

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After doing this several times, restaurant staff asked the group to leave and they complied, but not before making several inappropriate comments to couples walking into the restaurant.

I am a firm believer that you should stand true to your beliefs and opinions regardless of what others say, but in no way, shape or form do I think you have the right to be inconsiderate to others or inconvenience those around you. Learn how to be respectful with your opinions and the opinions of others. We do not and most likely will not share the same beliefs, but I will definitely respect yours and I expect the same in return.

Maybe Valentine’s Day is corny or mushy and not for everyone, but that does NOT make it okay to ruin others’ day because you do not agree.

Anyway, go back to loving and being loved!!

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