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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her That Will Last Longer than a Dozen Roses

As a Leo, nothing melts my heart quite like a grand romantic gesture (especially if they are for me, duh) but most of us can’t afford to rent a flight of obedient doves to form our loved one’s name in the sky or a luxurious all-day spa experience complete with mimosas, mud baths and massages.

And while I’ve yet to discover an affordable alternative for those doves, there is a much less costly substitute for a spa certificate that will still leave your loved one feeling relaxed and pampered.

So whether you have a spouse, a significant other, a friend, a mother, or a sister to shop for—or if you just want to treat yo’ fabulous self this coming Valentine’s Day—you are in luck because I am the queen of pampering.

Read on for my top three favorite skin care mask products.

BONVIVANT Botanical Mask Pack, $14


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If you’re looking for quantity and quality look no further than this gift set of botanical sheet masks from Bonvivant offered on Memebox. I have tried countless different sheet masks in my day and Bonvivant has proven to be one my favorite go-to brands.

Unlike some sheet mask brands with heavy fragrances, Bonvivant’s masks have a very pleasant, natural-smelling scent which is perfect for those who are fragrance-sensitive. They’re also a favorite because of the wide variety of solutions they offer.

Masks like their Niacinamide + Lime and Collagen + Olive are perfect for giving dull skin a rejuvenated, brightening glow while their Madecassoside + Mugwort and Mint Tea Tree masks are perfect for tightening pores and relaxing sensitive or blemish-prone skin.

Also, check out this insane value! Fourteen sheet masks, for $14, to give as a gift on February 14th? They do say good things come in threes! In this set, they even throw in a bonus mask and a preciously cozy cat ear headband to keep stray hairs away from the face while masking.

LUSH – Cupcake Fresh Face Mask, $10


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In keeping with the theme of Valentine’s Day, this chocolate scented mask from LUSH would be a fantastic gift. It’s perfect for those with oil-prone or troubled skin because of its cooling and mattifying ingredients like cocoa, spearmint oil, and vanilla. Plus, it smells delicious enough to eat—but please don’t.

For super oily complexions I recommend applying a thin layer on the entire face, avoiding the eyes and mouth, but don’t be afraid to apply it as a spot-treatment. As someone with combination oily/dry skin, I use this mask for my T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) and apply a more moisturizing mask on the rest of my face to make sure my skin gets the nourishment it needs, exactly where it needs it.

It’s also perfect for a loved one who is ethically conscious about using cruelty-free products because it is 100 percent vegan (Lush is a great brand for this purpose).

Tip: Make certain to keep this mask stored in the fridge (and let your loved one know too) to retain its fresh ingredient goodness. It has a short shelf life due to the amount of natural ingredients but allows for approximately four to ten uses!

ELIZAVECCA Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask, $11


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If you want a product that’s fun and functional look no further than this carbonated bubble clay mask from Elizavecca. Contrary to the other two masks, this product goes on smooth but is quick-acting and begins to foam and bubble after a few minutes of sitting on the skin, giving your face its own personal bubble bath.

Aside from the soothing sensations it gives the surface of the skin, this mask is one of my favorites because is triple acting: it cleanses, exfoliates away dead skin, and unclogs pores. It can even be used to take off makeup or, as usual, applied to a freshly washed face.

The mask’s main ingredients of charcoal powder, green tea, pomegranate extract, and collagen are pore-fect restorative nutrients for all skin types. Crowd pleaser!

Tip: Make sure to leave roughly 1 inch of space around the perimeter of sensitive areas, such as the eyes, to avoid irritation. As the mask begins to bubble from the carbonation, it will grow in size and move across the skin—a little goes a long way!




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