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Wack Friends… Who Needs ‘Em?


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I tried to think of what has currently been going on in my life and I honestly came to a blank, but after a few minutes I did realize there is a recurring issue I feel like I have…Wack friends!

For me, I have always been the very strong, outspoken friend that will say what I want, when I want, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get along with people because I do. I most definitely have had the same friends since elementary school and have only added to my circle, never having a falling out or cutting off a serious friendship, but that has changed since realizing my sense of self.

Since coming to UIC I have definitely tried to be cautious about who I surround myself with because obviously in high school we don’t have much of a choice because we are forced to attend a school because of where we live, and speak to people we are forced to get along with because those are the rules. In college you go to class and barely know anyones name, but in the groups you join outside of class, you join them for your own choice.

Since making new friends in my now 3rd semester of college, I am so thankful for the people I have met but yet I have a little hesitation. Sometimes it can feel like you are doing everything right and you’re on the right path making sure to keep positive energy around you, but too often do i feel like myself, and others rush into things without fully considering the downfall…AKA maybe some people I have chose to be around don’t necessarily fit my personality, or my world and that can cause stress.

It is so so so important to keep in mind your personality compared to others and your values, and everything else when choosing to associate yourself with people that might be opposite of you. I, and I think others, need to be able to recognize when someone just isn’t for you and you shouldn’t take it as a negative, but take it as a positive to be able to see that by keeping people out that may not fit the mold of you,  you can save yourself from a lot of pain in relationships that may be toxic.

I definitely don’t want to act like I am bashing all my friends because obviously not all are bad…But I am just trying to make the point of making sure you make REAL, deep connections that can foreshadow a strong relationship to come, and not have to worry about clashing tension due to the lack of compatibility.


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