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We Got A New Chief Keef Tape In 2017

Reinvention has been a prevalent component throughout Chief Keef’s half-decade career. From the classic drill ‘tapes Bang and Back From The Dead to his initial foray as a producer during that erratic mixtape run in 2014-2015, Keef has never stopped redefining his sound. His latest mixtape, Two Zero One Seven, particularly reflects an ability to take cadences and rhymes in unprecedented directions all while sounding like he’s having fun doing it.

Fan-favorite “Reefah” is the zeitgeist of the ‘tape, with Sosa delivering one of his most memorable hooks and producing amazing wordplay. Every bar is a quotable and every line lands with heightened energy. Producer Lex Luger, who contributed extensively throughout the ‘tape, sets the stage here with his now infamous synths feeling surprisingly invigorating in 2017 (even if most of his disciples have taken his influence to a more expansive territory, Keef included).

My pick for sleeper hit goes to “Hit The Lotto,” a song that serves to introduce Ka$h –Keef’s little sister–to fans of the Glo. Although the mixing is terrible here, Ka$h still manages to knock it out of the park with a sticky hook and braggadocios verse. Come for the Proud Family and Obama references, but stay for the pompous “You made me flex? how do you dare” boast.


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