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I know, technically this will come out on a Thursday, but let’s pretend.

I’m sure you have watched, if not heard of, the new Netflix series Wednesday, staring Jenna Ortega, but if not: here we go. Wednesday is the daughter from the Addams Family, who typically is shown to be a little girl, but now she is in high school and Morticia and Gomez have their hands full. Even though the family is very loving and happy, they still have their limits, and so they send Wednesday to a boarding school for… magical kids??? From werewolves to sires, this new school is just as odd as Wednesday, but it gets even weirder as there is a mystery she has to solve, and a killer to find.

And so while it may sound like I am going to do a review of the show, that’s not what I do. Instead lets talk about the wardrobe!!

All of the characters are so uniquely described by their wardrobe, it is honestly really impressive.

The first I’d like to start with is, obviously, Wednesday:

I love Jenna Ortega and she has really fought to preserve that which is goth Wednesday. I feel like the clothes she wears even down to the shoes are a great blend of goth culture, past Wednesdays and modern day. Especially with the shoes, I feel like the platforms were an amazing choice.

Next is Enid. What is a goth without their bubble gum pink best friend.

This trope never fails to get me. I love not only their dynamic, but just how their different outfits collide and how this truly matches her as a person. Her hair too was just amazing, loved the tips being died and then going for a full pink to offset the white-out. As allergic to color as Wednesday is, Enid is quite the opposite.

Bianca also seems to have her own color scheme going on.

Black and pink were taken, but our lovey self-appointed queen bee absolutely owns the color teal. Whether it is just because she is a siren or due to the meaning of teal. It is known to represent balance, tranquility, but also much like a peacock, elegance.

Thank you so much for reading!!! I hope you enjoyed this!!


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