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Weird Musical Enclave – Stones Throw’s National Tour

Any avid listener of Hip-Hop should automatically recognize the prestigious name of Stones Throw. The label is home to the genre’s eminent artists. Musicians such as the lyrically quirky MF Doom, grime-influenced Madlib and beat maestro J Dilla.

The label’s founder, known by his stage pseudonym as Peanut Butter Wolf, has been an open-minded curator of unique and obscure artists since the label’s inception. Under his hand, the label managed to find commercial success with the lineage of talented musicians for over two decades now.

The label’s name has kept a cult following in the creative enclaves of the west coast, the Midwest, and the east coast. Stones Throw is now attempting to perforate their image upon the rest of the nation. They’re currently conducting a national tour, shedding light to their current affiliates from city to city.

The line-up is an odd mixture. Instead of keeping their artists on the tour collectively, they’ve spread out and headed towards their own path.


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