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Welcome To My “Half Show”

As you may know, my show is now two hours long, after being four hours long for 17 years.  I have been doing the show since UIC Radio started in 2000.  On the longer show, I was able to feature five artists or albums every week.  With the two hour show, I have been featuring three artists or albums every week, and consequently, you hear fewer features and less music.  It was often hard to narrow the features down to five, so you can imagine having to cut it to three.  I will still try to feature those artists and albums that don’t get heard elsewhere as often as they should.  Next week is particularly tricky.  Just looking at birthdays alone, it’s the week that Neil Young, Gene Clark, and Jeff Buckley were born.  All three would normally be featured, but what if it’s the week that an important album was released 50 years ago in 1967?  You can see my dilemma.  Another consequence of the shorter show is less music from non-featured artists and albums.  Artists send me their CD’s from around the globe, and I hope you have enjoyed hearing them on the show.  There is less time to do that now, and I also have to play something from artists having notable birthdays, such as Johnny Rivers’ 75th, Greg Lake’s 70th, and Mose Allison’s 90th this week.  So I hope you will stay tuned, and continue to enjoy my now “half show”, Mondays from 12-2 PM CST at .  


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