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What Ever Happened to Lorde?


Lorde’s first album, Pure Heroine, swept everyone off their feet as Royals became the only song that anyone could hear on any radio station back in late 2013. Ever since its release, some say they love Royals, some say they hate it, but one thing can be agreed: Pure Heroine is an amazing album that still remains on any party playlist that you can hear from your noisy next door neighbors.

We all, at one point in time, have had at least one song from Pure Heroine that we could have on repeat for a solid hour. The hypnotizing vocals, the pulsing rhythms, and the general Lorde ‘Aesthetic’ made for a force that quickly took over everyone’s iTunes playlists. On her first album, Lorde was able to make a name for herself and make everyone go crazy for her music, just like how artists like Vance Joy and Halsey were later able to create the same effect.

About a year or two after Pure Heroine’s release, a lot of people, myself included, expected Lorde to release her sophomoric attempt at a second album somewhat soon. Just like back then, a release date for this album has yet to surface. For me, and most undergrads, Royals was a song I first heard in high school. Songs come and go but if anyone ever asked me to make a playlist of songs that created the embodiment of the modern millennial high schooler, Lorde and her music would be very prominent on this very nostalgic and probably avoided playlist.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, waiting three years for an album to drop isn’t the longest time anyone has waited for an album to drop. We just got done patiently waiting 5 years to have Frank Ocean drop his next album and the emotionally taxing time spent looking up internet articles to see whether or not Frank Ocean was alive definitely took a toll on even the most loyal of fans.


Thankfully, Lorde, who is actually younger than your average UIC Student, has been dropping hints for most of 2016, saying that an album drop should be soon, and hopefully late 2016. Lorde’s twitter page confirms that she has an album name already picked out, while many internet sources claim that this album will come out sooner than later. I personally believe in the success of the sudden release method, but if an album is going to drop anytime soon, hopefully we will see some advertisements or maybe even be lucky enough for a single to drop.

News for this album has been very scarce, but at least Lorde has done a few collaborations in the past few years, including songs for movie sound tracks and her latest co-written song, Heartlines by Broods. If anything, Lorde can take as long as she wants on this album if it means that this sophomoric attempt will blow Pure Heroine out of the water, which is a pretty hard feat considering that it was nominated for more than 80 awards and won at least 1/3rd of them. While we wait patiently, I’ll say that I’m satisfied with artists who have released new material this year, like Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book and Beyoncé’s Lemonade, the musical developments of 2016 have definitely been at an all time high in music and pop culture.


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