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What You Miss During the Credits


For those of you who may not know, I work at a movie theater. And one of my many tasks there is to ush, meaning I clean the theaters after a show gets out.  Not glamorous, I know, but all that loose change and forgotten candy bars in the cup holders is a pretty even trade-off.

Yesterday while I was sweeping up spilled popcorn, I realized something: I really like listening to ending credits music.  Every song on a movie soundtrack is carefully selected for a reason, and most people don’t care to sit through credits to listen to all of them.

Because I have no choice, I hear every song.  If I never ushed, then I never would have discovered “Silhouettes” by Of Monsters and Men off the “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” soundtrack:

Or Demi Lovato’s belt-out hit “Let It Go” in “Frozen:”

Moral of the story here? Good music comes to those who annoyingly watch every last name that rolls across the screen.

You know what else? Every moment you’re not listening to UIC Radio, you’re leaving even more amazing music undiscovered.  Tune in, listen up, and chill out. An opportunity missed is another new song not added to your playlist.

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