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Winter Wrap-Up

Finals week is coming up but don’t worry, be happy.

The Fall Semester is ending now and as a wise man once said, “winter is coming.” In this case, “winter” simply refers to final exams but for those who must take them, they are everything but simple. This is especially true when you add final projects and final papers to the mix. Speaking of a mix, some of you might be feeling a mixed bag of emotions right now with the primary ingredient being frustration. I’m here to tell you that is not the way to feel going into your first exam room. Instead, a calm and dare I say, happy state of mind would be most sufficient. To achieve such a positive attitude, I will supply you with some things to look forward to after the exams. Please read on…

1.You get a break. It’s cold outside and that can only mean winter break is right around the corner. It’s tough getting through another school semester so a month-long siesta is just what the student body needs and just what the student body gets after finals week.

2.You’re officially done with the semester. No more having to worry over the same handful of classes. Instead, you get a fresh new batch of classes in the spring semester. That’s worth something, right?

3.You’re one step closer to graduating. Enough with the completion of one semester’s courses just to do it all again for the following semester. You will be completely done with college… eventually. Some of you might even be graduating this semester so hang in there.

4.(For Freshmen) You have completed your first semester in college. This is pretty self-explanatory and deserves a congrats along with a high-five if such a thing were possible via the World Wide Web.

5.Re-read numbers 1-3 because they’re actually a lot to be happy and/or proud about.

Remember to surround yourself with good vibes doing your exams by thinking of this little list of future accomplishments and you will be good to go this upcoming week of finals.


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