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YAY Spring! :D

Snow. Ice. Melt. Repeat.

Let’s face it, this winter has been hectic for everyone.  Once we thought snow was finally gone, mother nature decides to strike us again with more snow!  However, this week Chicagoans experienced weather in the high 40’s and it was classified as the warmest day of 2014!

As February is coming to an end, we can start to expect these warm temperatures and I’m sure everyone will be thankful that we won’t have to be dealing with the snow and cold temperatures for quite some time.

With temperatures like this, I’ve seen students walk around in t-shirts and shorts.  40 degrees is like summer for us after dealing with the harsh winds and negative temperatures.

Although the city does look really pretty when it’s snowing; after being stuck in the dorms basically all winter due to the freezing temperatures, as a college freshman I cannot wait to explore the city in beautiful weather.

Plus, the warm weather usually makes me want to go out more.

Come faster warm weather, we’re all waiting!

Till next time 🙂


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