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You’ve Got a Friend Like Ben

Cherish every moment you have with your pet

Pets are our companions, our calming agents, our lifesavers and much more. Naturally, when a pet gets sick, the one that has been our supporter in many different ways and fulfilled so many roles in our lives, we get sick too. Sick with worry and sadness and many other gloomy emotions. I’m writing today to tell you to not let that sickness overcome you. Instead, cherish every moment you have with your pet. How so? Read below.

For Dogs

My favorite pass time to spend with my dog does not involve chew toys or blankets (looking at you what the fluff challenge) but just me, myself, and my dog. Wanna try? Check out the following steps. It’s pretty simple, can be played virtually anywhere, and you’re probably very familiar with the name: Hide n’ Seek. In this rendition of the popular children’s game you’ll start by telling your pup to sit (bonus points if you taught ‘em how to stay too) and afterward, you will run to hide. At this point, your faithful buddy will probably come chasing after you but hopefully, you’ll be hidden by then. Enjoy the ensuing (frenzied) search for you-it can really warm your heart to know someone out there would desperately search for you. End the game by calling your dog’s name if they hadn’t found you already to put their little heart at ease.

For Cats

Did I mention I’m a cat person because you bet I have a favorite activity to do with my little furball. It is also simple but effective and I like to call it “the stairchase.” This one actually requires a staircase with railings but if you have that (and a cat) you too can join in the fun. First, get your cat on the stairs and/or wait till the cat is on the stairs, which I recommend to not upset your feline buddy. Once all the pieces are in place, the fun begins. Poke your fingers through the railings insight of your cat and after a while, the bait will work, and your kitty will be pouncing on you if you’re not quick enough. Switch your fingers to go in between two other rails and be quick about it because your cat will be on your tail. Continue to alternate between railings and you’ve got yourself a game of cat and mouse or “the stairchase” as I like to call it.

For Ben

So, I have no other pets in my arsenal (yet) but I’m sure there’s a way to spend time with any pet you may have so I encourage you to do so. In fact, do it right now. Drop everything you’re doing and go to your companion right now! Just kidding, but seriously, when you get a chance go love your pet because every moment is important.


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