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1989 (Taylor's Version)


I cannot believe we got the fourth re-recorded album out of the six!

The official release date for 1989 (Taylor's Version) was Friday, 10/27/23.

I was so ready for this album to drop because as a fellow Swiftie, this is number three on my top 3 album list. (Fun Fact: No.1 Folklore - No2. Evermore No.3 1989 TV)

I was 11 years old when 1989 first dropped in 2014; it’s been 9 years since, and I can definitely say Taylor has fulfilled that inner child feeling once again. Though there was a bit of controversy with this album, like the comments on Youtube plus videos on TikTok, some of the fanbase thought that a few songs and the beats seemed too quiet and different for it to be a pop album or like before. Not that I was disappointed, but for a second, I did notice quite a few changes as well. But these were the changes made for all the right reasons. And to me personally, I heard more of a mature voice; I heard Taylor singing freely once again.

The day of the album announcement, Taylor wore mostly all blue in The Eras Tour, to let us know it's coming!

And let us not even get started on the song "From the Vault!"

I loved the surprise that we thought "Sl*t!" was going to be an upbeat song with corky lyrics, but noooo, those lyrics were sort of gloomy. Talk about being madly in love, huh? Wow.

What about any situations here with us? "Say Don’t Go" was meant for us, am I right?

Let us also not forget how we really thought Harry Styles was going to be a part of this album too. not after "Is It Over Now?" from the vault... We’re back to choosing sides in our parents' divorce again.

Are you ready for it? We have two more albums for Taylor to re-record! Now all she has to take back is her name and her reputation.

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