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2018’s “Little Dark Age” (Also MGMT concert in Chicago!)


I’d like to begin this article by saying welcome back to another glorious semester here at University of Illinois at Chicago; as usual, I ushered in the new year by being incredibly lazy, and I’m sure you had the same response.

Whatever. Let’s talk about MGMT who is releasing their 4th studio album on February 9, 2018. 

This marks MGMT’s fourth studio album, and a lot of the aesthetic of the album pertains to the Gothic medieval era, similar to the album’s namesake. The themes are very apathetic, evil, and has the typical trippy vibe of MGMT. “When You Die” is my favorite single on the album, and it is a very warm and tangy song for how dark its lyrics truly are. Just watch the music video and you’ll understand what I mean:

The other two singles are “Little Dark Age” and “Hand it Over”. Little Dark Age is the leading single on the album. Both are a lot less vibrant than previous MGMT singles. They can be found here:

MGMT’s albums have always been lukewarm with critics, but I believe that this release will pull them together as a cohesive unit. I think that MGMT have really diverted from their original roots as college electronic musicians and are stepping into new territory (as grown-up electronic musicians, ironically)

Oh, and before I forget, MGMT will be in Chicago on March 3, 2018 at the Riviera Theatre! MGMT is dope live; they put on an awesome show.

My name is Matt Cuartero, and I am a Computer Science major here at UIC. I publish articles every Thursday and I like to write about the military, music, sports, and video games. Please leave your comments, concerns, or ransom letters in my suggestion box.


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