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  • Veronica Trax

2023 Grammy Looks

This year I feel like the Grammy Awards show went a little bit unnoticed. The media wasn’t circulating with viral red carpet looks like usual — so here are a few. 

Taylor Swift: Taylor wore a royal blue two-piece formal gown that had sparkled embellishments on the side. This dress is pretty, but basic. I could buy this dress at a prom store. I think she could have been more creative.

Doja Cat: Doja’s look was my favorite. It was a cutting edge, all black leather dress, and definitely a trend right now. I enjoy how Doja transferred her look to her hair style.

Cardi B:  Cardi’s first look gives me an elegant vibe. The blue dress has creative structure, but her second chain mail dress is my favorite of her two looks. I enjoy the concept of an outfit change especially when the second look is riskier.

Olivia Rodrigo: Olivia’s mesh dress is interesting because of the middle seams on her torso. The seams are almost creating a peace sign symbol. Maybe this was meant to be, maybe it wasn’t, but I still think the look could’ve had more creative accessories or hair.

Paris Hilton: Paris always brings the bling. I like her dress, it’s trendy and very on-brand for her. I think the thin straps make it more unique because they are hard to execute structurally.

Honestly, this year I was unimpressed with celebrities’ Grammy looks. While basic is still stylish, I was just expecting a little bit more.


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