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22nd January

Hey guys! This morning, I woke up and noticed the date, and since then I’ve had the same song stuck in my head.

Today is January 22nd, and as my fellow Disclosure fans can guess, today is mentioned in their song “January.” Listen below:

In other Disclosure news, the duo was recently accused of using lyrics stolen from songwriter Katie Farrah Sopher, who supposedly had her songbook stolen from an ex-boyfriend, which was then passed on to the Lawrence brothers. The songs accused of being stolen include “White Noise,” “Latch,” and “You And Me” from their album Settle. 

However, the brothers released a statement regarding the lawsuit saying “Every Disclosure song we have put our names to has been written by us. We sometimes write lyrics and melodies along-side whoever the featured singer may be . . . but that is it. When we do, we always make sure everyone gets proper credit.”

The duo also adds that all allegations against them are false, and the artists mentioned will back them up. For now, they also announced that their second album is “nicely underway.”

Could this mean a Disclosure sophomore album within the next few months? What do you think? Comment and share and let me know your thoughts on it!

Happy Thursday!



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