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3 Studying Tips for Finals

As the semester approaches a close, it’s that time where we all start to panic for our lives, because all our finals are approaching and we realize our procrastinating must stop, and we got to get our sh•t together so we can pass our classes.

Some might have all their finals on the same day or back to back days, but there are some tricks to help us study. Everyone has different strategies for studying, as we are all different from one another. So here are a few tips for studying that have helped me in some way.

Chewing Gum

I learned in Psychology that there are triggers to memory that can help one remember, one of the examples was chewing gum, more specifically chewing gum meanwhile you’re studying, and chewing that same flavor of gum while taking your exams. It will retain some of the things that you’ve were studying. A similar experience I’ve had was listening to a catchy song while studying and remembering the chorus and many of the terms. Last semester I listened to “Bad and Boujee” by Migos while studying for my Psychology 242 exam, and the whole time during the exam I had the chorus in my head and remembered many of the terms and aced my exam.

Lo Fi Hip-Hop

This type of music is just instrumentals with no lyrics which has a very nice beat, and has helped me not sing or rap along to songs. I won’t have to remember lyrics when I forget them or think of the lyrics’ meanings when something went over my head the first few times. It will help me keep lyrics out of my head and things that are lingering on my mind that worry me. There are many livestreams which have music playing 24/7. Another type of music that’s similar to this is Bossa Nova Latin Jazz if Hip-Hop is not your cup of tea.


This last example has helped me get out many thoughts that have been lingering in my head, which have kept me unfocused and distracted while I’m studying. I write until I hit that wall where I can’t keep going. I was distracted this past week with feelings over someone, and I decided to write all these feelings out in Spanish and English, so I won’t be distracted with all my exams. It helped me clear my head so I can focus on studying.


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