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5 Lifestyle Influencers You Should Follow, Period

Trinity Jackson | Posted on October 10, 2019

Amber Wagner on Instagram; “LOOK MOM, I’m a real life hand model

Photographer not credited.Amber Wagner on Instagram: “LOOK MOM, I’m a real life hand model.”

If you’re a social media fanatic like most, you probably have your favorite accounts that appear at the top of your feed every day. I personally enjoy the fashion, fitness, and self-esteem influencers. If you’re interested in following people that encourage the best in you, keep reading!

Amber Wagner

Amber Wagner, also known as @jstlbby on Instagram, is one of my favorite influencers that I follow and this may or may not be the reason I chose to introduce her first. With 2.2 million followers and over 100,000 views per post, the California native uses her platform to encourage followers with words of endearment. Personally, I was immediately hooked after she made a post about a lousy breakup last year. Known for her long, stylish nails, Wagner uses phrases like “Rise and grind! Right now is the time!” and “Happy Motivational Monday!” to lift her audience in her one-minute inspirational videos. These videos share on-going messages to hold you accountable for the productive day you’re about to have.

Jewellianna Palencia

Jewellianna “JeweJeweBee” Palencia is a beauty and fitness blogger from Washington D.C. whose choice of media outlets are Instagram and YouTube. She began sharing her natural hair journey on YouTube back in 2013, and today she’s earned almost 500,000 subscribers and 311,000 followers on Instagram. From beauty tips, curly hairstyles, and fitness inspiration, Palencia will remind you that self-care is essential.

Alex Kaufmann

If you’re looking to use fitness to tap into your inner hot girl/hot boy, high-intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) isn’t for you but yoga can be a great substitution. Alex Kaufmann, or @BahaYogi on Instagram, is a professional yoga teacher who specializes in yoga asana, meditation, and pranayama. Although many of us may not know how to do yoga, Kaufmann’s Instagram page is filled with almost thousands of tutorials on how to perfect your form. I enjoy her videos because somehow watching her meditate with her dogs brings me peace.

Aleali May

I was debating if Aleali May should have been the first account I introduced because I can’t decide if she’s my favorite person on social media. Using her handle: @AlealiMay is straight-up fashion. If fashion had a photo next to its definition, I’d assume it would be of her sporting her customized Air-Jordan 1’s (also known as the Court Lux). Did I mention that she’s followed by the Jumpman himself, Michael Jordan? With about 430,000 Instagram followers, May shares her designs with other collaborators on the platform and shows her ability to put together the fly-est outfit to wear at fashion shows for famous brands like Louis Vuitton. From modeling, designing, and styling celebrities, I think we can label this G.O.A.T. as “thee fashion connoisseur.”

Megan Thee Stallion

Did somebody say, “hot girl?” Megan Pete, widely known as Megan Thee Stallion, is a music artist from Houston, Texas. Beginning her career in 2013, Pete uses her lyrics to tell listeners that she’s the H-Town Hottie, Young Tina Snow, and Thee Hot Girl Meg. Pete is enrolled at Texas State University and is strict about meeting the infamous 11:59 P.M. assignment deadline. Every student knows what I’m talking about. Scholar during the day and Hot Girl by night, Megan Thee Stallion encourages all 6 million of her fans and followers to stay in school. Her social media platform is full of her life experiences, partying with her closest friends and stylists, and cuddling with her French Bull Dog named 4oe (pronounced Four). We all are trying to figure out how to simultaneously be a scholar, hottie, and social butterfly. Meg, what’s the tea?

I could continue for ages sharing other accounts that inspire me to be my best self, but these suggestions are the ones that always remind me to take a step back and refocus. I aspire to be the motivational, fit, stylish, hot girl I’m destined to be! Period.



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