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5 of Lil Kim’s Best Looks

Trinity Jackson | Posted on October 29, 2019

The Queen Bee, also known as Lil Kim, is widely known as one of many that paved the way for women in the music industry. Although her talent has granted her great success and respect during her career, the “Crush On You” artist also created a name in fashion. Below are some of the Queen’s best looks.

  1. The Egyptian Queen: Dressed as the goddess she is, the Queen Bee performed draped in complete gold at the ’97 MTV Video Music Awards. This outfit was a 4-piece set that included a beaded headdress, bra, short bottoms, and a cover-up skirt. To finish the outfit, she stepped out in clear 6-inch pumps.

  2. The mermaid-inspired fit: Almost everyone knows about the time Lil Kim showed out in the purple, head-to-toe outfit at the ’99 MTV Video Music Awards. From the purple hair, shoes, once-piece, and the famous peek-a-boo boobie, this outfit became so popular that it’s even sold as a Halloween costume in many online boutiques. As styled by Misa Hylton, the inspiration for this outfit came from a conversation with artist Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliot stating “If I was Lil Kim, I would just have one boob out.”

  3. Crush On You: The music video for the single “Crush On You” featured the platinum-selling artist in four different colors. Her Blue, Green, Yellow, and Orange wigs paired with matching furs and designer shades became the blueprint for many future music videos.

  4. The bra and denim combo: Styled by Misa Hylton once again, Lil Kim gave us body with the white, fur bra and light blue jeans with white accents. To complete the look, she sported a lengthy blonde, crimped, parted wig.

  5. Literally Chanel head-to-toe: As she is known for amazing hairstyles, this last look is her famous blue Chanel inspired wig. The blunt cut style that reached down to her chest is complete with full forehead bangs. To make this look even more iconic than it already is, her stylist made sure the bangs had a Chanel logo imprinted in perfect view.

See Each Look Below

No photographer credited

No photographer credited The Egyptian Queen

Taken by Kevin Mazur

Taken by Kevin Mazur The mermaid-inspired fit

No photographer credited

No photographer credited Crush On You

No photographer credited

No photographer credited The bra and denim combo

No photographer credited

No photographer credited Literally Chanel head-to-toe

The Queen Bee is still continuing to reign in style. As people are recreating her looks for Halloween, award shows, and pure inspiration, Lil Kim’s impact on the world of fashion will forever be relevant. With the help of her stylist and her love for designer, we’ll never be confused as to who is top tier in music and fashion simultaneously.


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