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For my music-lovers and ramen-haters (and because I can’t help myself), here’s my music buzz. And the genre of the week is…classical crossover! Those of you who may not be familiar with this hybrid of beat and sound, listen in.

Classical crossover is a eclectic mix of instrumental (we’re talking old school, like Mozart and Bach) with some dance/techno beats thrown in. My favorite CC band of all time is ‘Bond’,  a female string quartet hailing from the UK and Australia. Featuring two electric violins, viola and cello, these ladies remix famous pieces (“Viva”), compose originals (“Sahara” and “Kismet”) as well as dabble in ethnic sounds like Bollywood and Latin (“Shine” and “Fuego”).

And yes, I know you’re wondering, do the Bond girls have anything in common with the sexy, suave 007? Not exactly, but they did feature in the soundtrack of Johnny English, so don’t let it be said they’re not living up to the name!

Here’s one of their better-known pieces (among others, it was chosen as the theme for the 2004 Australian Summer Olympics) called ‘Explosive’, and boy, is it! Enjoy and tell me what you think!

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