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A 2017 NBA Redraft of the Top Three Picks

Posted on March 01, 2019

Jayson Tatum

USA TodayJayson Tatum

When years go by, it’s natural for fans to look back at how players fared to their draft selection. Sometimes they play better than the spot they were selected at, and sometimes they play worse.

In this case, the top two picks from the 2017 draft are looking like busts. They did not play up to the hype, and they barely even played at all. Markelle Fultz has been out for the majority of his career due to his shoulder injury, and Lonzo Ball has been riddled with injuries as well. I’m not even going to mention their horrific shooting numbers!

With these two players failing to live up to the hype so far, here is a redraft of the top three picks and how it should’ve gone.

1. Philadelphia 76ers-Jayson Tatum

Original selection: No.3 Boston Celtics

Now this is just embarrassing. Originally slated to select third in the draft, the 76ers decided to trade their pick and the Kings 2019 pick for a player who they thought was a lock for stardom. In case you forgot, that player was Markelle Fultz.

Tatum got his retribution by leading the Celtics to an upset in the 2018 Playoffs over the 76ers! If the 76ers had drafted Tatum, then the 76ers would have definitely made the Eastern conference finals that year and possibly have made a finals appearance as well.

2. Los Angeles Lakers-De’Aaron Fox

Original selection: No. 5 Kings

At 21-years-young, Fox is leading the Kings to a playoff push with a winning record in the brutal Western Conference. Averaging 17 ppg and 7 apg on very efficient shooting percentages, Fox is putting up numbers that makes him a prototypical point guard.

With his speed, athleticism, and defense, Fox would make a perfect pairing with LeBron James.

3. Boston Celtics-Donovan Mitchell

Original selection: No.13 Nuggets

The Celtics are a team that prefer their original pick since they got a steal in the draft. However, in this draft, Tatum has been selected by the 76ers. Even though Celtics are selecting the third best player from the draft, the selection is still a great one.

Mitchell was the runner-up Rookie of the Year last season. He lead the Jazz to a playoff appearance and even made it to the second round! Mitchell would be a perfect back-court mate to Kyrie Irving. This would also allow Jaylen Brown to start at small forward since Tatum had overtook him at his spot. Nevertheless, the Celtics would still have the brightest future in the league with either Tatum or Mitchell.


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